Forum of Federations Appoints Prof. Thomas Pfisterer of Switzerland and Senator Raza Rabbani of Pakistan as Fellows of the Forum of Federations

Thomas Pfisterer is a former judge of the Swiss Federal Supreme Court and has served for 25 years in the Swiss judicial system. He was also a Member and President of the Canton of Aargau and a member of the Swiss Senate. He taught Constitutional and Administrative Law and Mediation at the University of Saint Gallen. A graduate of Basle, Berne, Yale and the Swiss Bar Association, Prof. Pfisterer is an Attorney at Law and expert in law and politics and also served on the Board of the Forum of Federations.
Mian Raza Rabbani is Speaker of the Senate of Pakistan. Mr. Rabbani was one of the fathers of the 18th Constitutional amendment in Pakistan that devolved power from the central government to provinces strengthening federalism in the country. He was Minister of Federal Affairs and until recently he has served on the Board of the Forum of Federations.