Federal Countries Sharing Knowledge and Best Practices

Ethiopian Delegation at IIPA

A nine-member high level Ethiopian government delegation visited New Delhi on 11 December 2016 on a ten-day experience-sharing international programme on ‘Inter Governmental Relations and Practices of Fiscal Federalism’. The programme was sponsored by the Government of Federal Democratic of Republic of Ethiopia, the UNDP and the Forum of Federations (FOF) of which India is a member and represented by the Inter State Counc…il Secretariat, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Government of India.
The Government of India, Ministry of External Affairs, facilitated the visit.
H.E. Asfaw Dingamo, Ambassador of Ethiopia in India and Director, IIPA welcomed the delegation in the inaugural session. During the programme, the delegation participated experience sharing exercises in the pre noon sessions at IIPA where the programme coordinator, IIPA faculty and a guest faculty delivered talks and conducted discussions.
The delegation visited the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Panchayati Raj, NITI Aayog, Inter State Council Secretariat, 5th Delhi Finance Commission etc and learned structures and practices of intergovernmental relations in India. Dr V N Alok coordinated and conducted the programme.