Forum of Federations at International Metropolis Conference in Ottawa 2019

The Forum of Federations was proud to sponsor the 2019 International Metropolis Conference in Ottawa with a special publication by Leslie Seidle “Migrant Integration in Cities: Learning from Others”
The Forum also held two workshops:
1. Addressing The Refugee Crisis: The Nexus Between Migration and International Aid
This workshop was hosted in partnership with the Association for Canadian Studies. Jack Jedwab , President of the Association for Canadian Studies, and Kauren Baudson a senior analyst at Global Affairs Canada examined how migration can cost and benefit countries of origin, and what developmental aid programs and policies have been initiated to address these impacts.
2. Migrant Integration in Cities: Learning Through Networks. Leslie Seidle, Senior Advisor for the Forum of Federations; Irene Guidikova, Founder of the Council of Europe Intercultural Cities; and Kim Turner, Senior Research Associate at the Global Diversity Exchange, explored how, in a climate that is often less welcoming than in the past, cities are innovating and providing examples for others.
The workshops fostered great exchanges and lots of questions. Thank you to all who came and participated.
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