PODCAST: Episode 4 – Gender Equality: the Federal Advantage and Disadvantage

Cover of Sub-National Constitutions in Federal Systems

Episode 4 – Gender Equality: the Federal Advantage and Disadvantage

July 26, 2021

What impact does federal and decentralized governance have on gender equality?

In the first in a three part series, we explore the relationship between federal and decentralized systems and gender equality. How do these dynamics affect women and girls, and what opportunities and limitations are there for advancing gender equality in these systems?

Joining us on this episode:

Dr. Christine Forster, Associate Professor and Associate Dean International, University of New South Wales.

Sosena Mulatu, Gender Specialist, Forum of Federations.

Ursula Keller, Senior Policy Advisor and Head of the Governance Unit, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Marc Banzet, Director, Natural Resources and Governance, Global Affairs Canada.

Ilana Trombka, Director General, Federal Senate of Brazil.

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