Dialogues on Foreign Relations in Federal Countries: Comparative Perspectives: Booklet Series, Volume 5

These lively, timely, and accessible dialogues on federal systems provide a comparative snapshot of each topic and include comparative analyses, glossaries of country-specific terminology, and a timeline of major constitutional events. Countries considered include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. Whether you are a student or teacher of federalism, working in the field of federalism, or simply interested in the topic, these booklets will prove to be an insightful, brief exploration of the topic at hand in each of the featured countries.

Booklet 5 provides a comparative snapshot of how foreign relations are conducted in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

Contributors include Francisco Aldecoa (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), George Anderson (Forum of Federations), Raoul Blindenbacher (Forum of Federations), Peter Bursens (Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium), Noé Cornago (University of the Basque Country, Spain), Earl Fry (Brigham Young University, USA), Stefan Hammer (University of Vienna, Austria), Rudolf Hrbek (University of Tübingen, Germany), Happymon Jacob (University of Jammu, India), Eduardo Iglesias (Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales, Argentina), André Lecours (Concordia University, Canada), Francis Kok-Wah Loh (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia), Malcom MacLaren (University of Zurich), Françoise Massart-Piérard (Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium), Amitabh Mattoo (University of Jammu, India), Hans J. Michelmann (University of Saskatchewan, Canada), Christina Murray (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Salim A. Nakhjavani (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Chandra Pasma, (Forum of Federations), Daniel Thürer (University of Zurich), and Anne Twomey (University of Sydney, Australia).