Dialogues on Legislative, Executive and Judicial Governance in Federal Countries: Booklet Series, Volume 3

These lively, timely, and accessible dialogues on federal systems provide a comparative snapshot of each topic and include comparative analyses, glossaries of country-specific terminology, and a timeline of major constitutional events. Countries considered include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States. Whether you are a student or teacher of federalism, working in the field of federalism, or simply interested in the topic, these booklets will prove to be an insightful, brief exploration of the topic at hand in each of the featured countries.

Contributors include Rajeev Dhavan (University of Delhi), John Dinan (Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem), Alexander Domrin (Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law), Anna Gamper (University of Innsbruck), Antonio M. Hernandez (National University of Cordoba), Thomas Hueglin (Wilfred Laurier University), Katy Le Roy (University of Melbourne), Wolf Linder (University of Bern), Christina Murray (University of Cape Town), Stefan Oeter (Universität Hamburg), Ebere Osieke (Imo State University), Cheryl Saunders (University of Melbourne), Rekha Saxena (University of Delhi), and Isabelle Steffen (University of Bern).