ForumFed Podcast Episode 9: Climate Change and Federalism Part 1: Getting Hot in Here

How can federations tackle the critical issue of climate change? What are the opportunities and challenges of making progress toward the goals of the Paris Agreement in federal countries?

In the first part of our series on federalism and climate change, we explore the sometimes complicated dynamics of climate governance in federal countries, including how a multilevel governance structure can support or block progressive policy, and what is more effective in terms of fostering change: a big carrot or an even bigger stick?

Joining us on this episode:

Alan Fenna, Professor of Politics, Curtin University, Western Australia.

Kathryn Harrison, Professor or Political Science, University of British Columbia.

Carsten Sieling, Former Mayor of the City of Bremen.

Warathida Chaiyapa, Lecturer and Assistant Director at the School of Public Policy, Chiang Mai University.

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Written and hosted by Jamie Thomas and Liam Whittington

Produced by Liam Whittington and Zeeniya Waseem