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New Book: Federalism in a Changing World: Learning from Each Other

Federalism in a Changing World Learning from Each Other Edited by Raoul Blindenbacher and Arnold Koller A comprehensive overview of current issues in federalism. Federalism in a Changing World contains the scientific background papers, proceedings, and plenary speeches presented at the International Conference on Federalism 2002 held in St Gallen, Switzerland, in August 2002. The three principal topics of the conference were federalism and foreign relations; federalism, decentralization and conflict management in multicultural societies; and assignment of responsibilities and fiscal federalism. The volume comprises texts by more than seventy authors from twenty countries throughout the world. Contributors include Dauda Abubakar (University of Maiduguri, Nigeria), José Roberto Afonso (Brazilian Bank of Development, Brazil), Giuliano Amato (vice-president of the European Convention, Italy), Nicholas Aroney (University of Queensland, St Lucia, Australia), Lidija Basta-Fleiner (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Richard Bird (University of Toronto, Canada), Raoul Blindenbacher (executive director, International Conference on Federalism 2002, Switzerland), Jean Chrétien (prime minister of Canada), Richard Crook (University of Sussex, UK), Bernard Dafflon (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Joseph Deiss (head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland), Udo Diedrichs (University of Cologne, Germany), Bernhard Ehrenzeller Bernhard (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland), Lars Feld (University of Marburg, Germany), George Fernandes (minister of Defence of the Republic of India), Sergio Ferreira (Brazilian Bank of Development, Brazil), Thomas Fleiner (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Xóchitl Gálvez (Presidential Office for Indigenous People, United Mexican States), Beat Habegger (University of St Gallen, Switzerland), Nicholas R.L. Haysom (Wits University and former legal advisor to the President, South Africa), William John Hopkins (University of Hull, UK), Rudolf Hrbek (University of Tübingen, Germany), Thomas O. Hueglin (Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada), Claude Jeanrenaud (University of Neuchatel, Switzerland), Isabelle Joumard (Economics Department of the OECD, France), Wlater Kälin (University of Berne, Switzerland), Jakob Kellenberger (former secretary of state of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Switzerland), Michael J. Kelly (Military Law Centre Department of Defence of Australia, Australia), Rahmatullah Kahn (Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund, Sweden/India), John Kincaid (Lafayette College, USA), Gebhard Kirchgässner (University of St Gallen, Switzerland), Arnold Koller (former president of the Swiss Confederation), Vojislav Kostunica (president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), Yves Lejeune (Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium), Wolf Linder (University of Berne, Switzerland), Giorgio Malinverni (University of Geneva, Switzerland), Tim McCormack (University of Melbourne, Australia), Ruth Metzler-Arnold (Federal Department of Justice and Police, Switzerland), Flora Musonda (Economic and Social Research Foundation, Tanzania), Radmila Nakarada (Institute of European Studies, Belgrade, Yugoslavia), Wallace Oates (University of Maryland, College Park, USA), Luigi Pedrazzini (Conference of Cantonal Governments, Switzerland), Martin Polaschek (University of Graz, Austria), Bob Rae (Forum of Federations, Canada), Johannes Rau (President of the Federal Republic of Germany), Ash Narain Roy (Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, India), Nafis Sadik (special advisor to the United Nations Secretary General and former UNFPA executive director, Pakistan), Cheryl Saunders (University of Melbourne, Australia), Antonin Scalia (associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America), Benjamin Schindler (Federal Office of Justice, Switzerland), Nicolas Schmitt (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Wolfgang Schüssel (chancellor of the Republic of Austria), Anwar Shah (lead economist of the World Bank, USA/ Pakistan), Daniel Thürer (University of Zürich, Switzerland), Touré Toumani (president of the Republic of Mali), François Vaillancourt (University of Montreal, Canada), Ricardo Varsano (Institute for Applied Economic Research, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Guy Verhofstadt (prime minister of the Kingdom of May 2003 Paper 0-7735-2603-X £26.95 Cloth 0-7735-2602-1 £76.00 Belgium), Jürgen von Hagen (University of Bonn, Germany), Ronald Watts (Queen‘s University Kingston, Canada), Joseph H.H. Weiler (New York University School of Law, USA), and Wolfgang Wessels (University of Cologne, Germany). Raoul Blindenbacher is the executive director of the International Conference on Federalism, 2002. Arnold Koller is Former President of the Swiss Confederation, President of the Board of Directors of the International Conference on Federalism 2002. 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