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Summary of Conference on Constituent Units and Free Trade in the Americas

Constituent Units and Free Trade in the Americas Forum of Federations Forum des fédérations Constituent Units and Free Trade in the Americas From 17-21 April 2001, in conjunction with the Conférence de Montréal, the Forum of Federations organized two panel sessions to explore the role played by constituent units in the Americas. The panels were each led by three or four practitioners from both federal and non-federal countries in the Americas. Participants had the opportunity to hear about lessons learned in Canada and Mexico, and they discussed the implications of the Fox administration’s federalism reforms for Canada-Mexico relations. The Forum also sponsored a panel on e-governance and federalism, which examined ways to provide citizens with easy on-line services from all levels of government. Carlos Gadsden is the Executive Director of the Centre for Municipal Development, and advisor to President Fox on federalism. Email the Forum or send an email to Forum of Federations 700-325 Dalhousie Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7G2 Canada Tel.: (613) 244-3360 Fax: (613) 244-3372 Email: Forum des fédérations 700-325, rue Dalhousie Ottawa (Ontario) K1N 7G2 Canada Tél.: (613) 244-3360 Téléc.: (613) 244-3372 Courrier électronique :