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SWITZERLAND: Insights Into a Paradigmatic Federation


SWITZERLAND: Insights Into a Paradigmatic Federation

This contribution on the Swiss federal system is mainly based on articles in the series A Global Dialogue on Federalism (Volumes 1-9), published by the Forum of Federations in collaboration with the International Association of Centers of Federal Studies.3 The Forum of Federations is an independent organization founded in Canada, which is concerned with the contribution that federalism can and does make to democracy. The series is part of the Forum’s Global Dialogue on Federalism program. The program’s goal is to engage experts from around the world in comparative conversations and debates about sectoral political themes from a federalist perspective and institutional issues of federalism, and to build an international network that enables practitioners, students, scholars and others to learn from one another, to share best practices and to enhance their understanding of the prospects as well as the problems of federalism as a mode of governance in today’s world. Each volume is dedicated to a central dimension of federal governance; based on country case studies, the variety and commonality of federal systems is introduced.

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