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Volume 5: Policy Issues in Federalism : International Perspectives

Unity in Diversity Learning from Each Other Volume 5 Policy Issues in Federalism: International Perspectives Forum of Federations International Conference on Federalism 2007 New Delhi India John Kincaid Rupak Chattopadhyay Can Diversity be Accommodated The Case of Ethiopia Leulseged Tadesse Policy as Instrument for Reconciling Diversity Experience of the Indian Federal System Hamanshu Jha How Important is Language Policy as a Conflict Resolution Tool The Cases of India and Serbia Anshu Srivastava Miograg A Jovanovae Emerging Issues in Fiscal Federalism Differences in Resource Endowments and the impact on the argentine Education System Luciana Diaz Frers Are Federations Moving Towards More Rational Forms of Equalization The Cases of India and Russia Shefali Dhingra Vladimir Nazarov