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E-Government and International Relations Report

E-Government and International Relations Report January 22 –25, 2001 • The Forum of Federations was a participant in the Regional Fiscal Policy Seminar, organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC, a UN agency), and helped develop greater institutional expertise on e-governance in federal contexts. The conference addressed the growing need to assist practitioners in both established and nascent federal countries in their efforts to cope with the rapid convergence of economics, governance, and information technologies, and the need to better coordinate intergovernmental relations using new technologies. • The Forum worked with both ECLAC and the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa in its preparations for this conference • The Forum’s helped with the session on e-government in the context of the ECLAC Regional Seminar, held in Santiago, Chile, 22-25 January 2001. • The Forum supported the participation of three experts, and helped to promote discussions on e-government among senior and mid-level practitioners involved in fiscal affairs. The topic has never before been the subject of a session at the ECLAC Regional Seminar. • Participants from the Forum of Federations were Céline Auclair and Rui Affonso, who acted as session moderator.