Gestión del Agua y Descentralización Política

The book was a collaborative effort by the Gimenez Abad Foundation, the Cortes of Aragon, Expo 2008, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Forum of Federations.

The book is relevant to practitioners of federalism because federal countries face special challenges in coping with water shortages, climate change and resultant drought or flooding.

The primary challenge is that in many federations, different orders of government are responsible for various aspects of a country’s overall stewardship of this vital resource.

The 600-page book contains eleven case-studies on water management in federal countries. The cases were presented at a conference on Water Management in Federal and Federal-Type Systems, which took place in Zaragoza, Spain on Jul. 7 – 9, 2008. The event, which was co-organized by the Forum, was held on the margins of Expo 2008.

Publisher: Aranzadi – Thomson Reuters