Governance of Metropolitan Regions

The Governance of Metropolitan Regions – European and Global Experiences is the result of a joint seminar of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union and the Forum of Federations organized in Brussels in June 2011.

Metropolitan Regions matter because in many countries they are the engines of innovation and economic growth. As such, particularly (but not exclusively) in the developed world they are also magnets for immigration and have developed a high level of diversity. However, their governance structure is often fragmented and spread over more than one jurisdiction. This is particularly the case with federations that typically add another layer of jurisdiction – so next to (cross-border) vertical and horizontal partnerships between the key stakeholders also territorially based and integrated approaches need to be prioritized.

This publication focuses on issues of how the livability of metropolitan regions can be improved by considering governance options, differing financing models and social inclusivity through comparative international experiences. It also explores the governance challenges posed by infrastructure planning and financing, as well as the management of diversity within and amongst metropolitan regions.