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Digitalization aims to facilitate and improve access to goods and services for citizens and businesses. The modern age puts this new context at the forefront of daily living.

As a result, the digitalization of public administration has become a priority for governments worldwide. Through digitization, federal countries can capitalize on resource pooling, faster public services, improved services through data and technology, and improved intergovernmental relations. Effective digitalization must ensure interoperability among different systems, avoid duplication and inconsistency, and assign clear responsibilities while adopting a more decentralized and collaborative approach.

Federations must identify the most pressing challenges and the opportunities that emerge to grapple with this complex process, primarily because the contextual features of each federal state raise specific questions that may vary substantively from country to country. Particular attention should be paid to developing federations whose access to resources of various kinds โ€“ financial, technological, and educational, for instance โ€“ may constitute an additional challenge.

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