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Biographies of Forum-sponsored Speakers at the World Forum on Democracy

World Forum on Democracy Warsaw, Poland – 25-27 June 2000 Biographies of Forum-Sponsored Speakers World Forum on Democracy 25-27 June 2000 Judy Cavanagh is the Deputy Minister responsible for Government Priorities in the Office of the Premier, British Columbia, Canada. Her tasks include managing initiatives that require co-coordinating the work of multiple government departments. She has held a number of senior posts in the British Columbia government and has extensive international experience. Recently she completed consultations with national, regional and local service providers in England on social, health and women’s issues. Aaron Gana is the Director General of the African Centre for Democratic Governance, a non-governmental organization that works for democratization in Africa, especially in Nigeria. Mr. Gana has a PhD in political science and has worked at the university level as a professor and dean. Mara Hernandez is the Coordinator of Mexicans Abroad in the Campaign Committee of Mexican Presidential candidate Vicente Fox. Ms Hernandez studied economics in Mexico and Belgium and has contributed many articles on economic subjects to the national Mexican weekly Etcetera. Yogendra Yadav is with the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, India. Dr. Yadav is involved in a wide variety of political and social activities in his native India and abroad. He is recognized as one of the foremost political analysts in India. He anchored a television broadcast of the 1998 general elections. At the roundtable, Dr. Yadav will contribute his expertise on issues related to social and cultural diversity and multi-level governance. Forum of Federations / Forum des fédérations