Successful Launch of New Forum Publication!

Rupak Chattopadhyay, Thomas Bossert, Greg Marchildon, Adalsteinn Brown

Forum of Federations and the North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies launch new Book: Federalism and Decentralization in Health Care: A Decision Space Approach
Queens Park, Toronto: In a time when health care delivery requires major re- thinking, editors and authors Gregory P. Marchildon of the University of Toronto and Thomas J. Bossert of Harvard University proudly presented their new work, Federalism and Decentralization in Health Care: A Decision Space Approach.
Even though health system decentralization is often associated with federations, there has been limited study on the connection between federalism and the organization of publicly financed or mandated health services.
At the launch Greg Marchildon of the University of Toronto noted, “Tom and I were pleased to partner with the Forum of Federations to initiate work on the connections between federalism and the ongoing tension between centralized and decentralized health system structures.” Thomas J. Bossert of Harvard University added, “For such an important and salient public policy issue, researchers and decision-makers should have access to the best expertise as possible and this book helps accomplish that in new ways and with new information.”
Federalism and Decentralization in Health Care brings together expert scholars to examine the institutional structures and health system trends the health systems in eight constitutional federations. Although the geography, history and political systems differ, these authors used a common set of questions and metrics concerning decentralization in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa and Switzerland. This book explores the vital dimensions of health such as constitutional and legal responsibility, financing, human resources, service organization and delivery arrangements, and public coverage.
“This book highlights the importance of doing rigorous comparative health systems analysis across high, medium and low income jurisdictions.” Key note speaker, Adalsteinn Brown, Dean of the Dalla Lana School of Public Health said in his remarks.
“Forum of Federations feels honored to produce this important publication.” noted Rupak Chattopadhyay, CEO of the Forum of Federations. “Comparative analysis of federal health systems provides valuable contributions to a body of knowledge sometimes lacking content. This publication also offers interesting ideas for current policymakers to consider while examining health care delivery improvements.”
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