This section of the Federalism Resource Library contains the world’s largest open access collection of publications and research on federalism and decentralization governance topics.

Our Key Forum Publications include Forum Reports, Thematic Books, our Occasional Paper Series, our Global Dialogue Series, and much more. These publications serve as learning tools for all things federalism and governance, from overarching principles to policy-oriented sectoral issues in federal systems. The Forum of Federations recognizes the importance of understanding how federalism interacts with real local and global issues; you can find our special paper series on Dealing with the COVID Crisis in Federal and Devolved Countries in our Paper Series collection. This series provides an in-depth look at how countries have utilized their federal systems to respond to the pandemic and the needs of their populations.

Moreover, the Complete Federalism Library provides access to over 1,000 research documents on federalism, policy, and governance topics.

As well as English language publications, the Forum has educational materials available in Arabic, Burmese, French, Spanish, and German.

The Forum is also excited to introduce a series focused on the reflections of participants of our MENA program, located in Jordan, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Key Forum Publications
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