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The Forum of Federations facilitates an international network of experts that provide comparative knowledge and conduct research on a host of federal and devolved governance issues.

The Forum uses this work to publish books and organize programs and workshops around the globe on the following governance subjects:

  • Benchmarking in Federal Systems
  • Courts and Judicial Systems in Federal Systems
  • Environmental Governance and Climate Change
  • Gender and Leadership
  • Health Care
  • Immigrant Integration
  • Joint Service Delivery
  • Local and Metropolitan Governance
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Public Security
  • Revenue Sharing and Decentralization

If you have expertise in any of these fields as a practitioner, academic, or researcher as it relates to federal or devolved governance and are interested in being part of the Forum’s global network of experts, please fill out the form below.

Before applying please note we are looking for applicants with at least 5 years of experience or a Masters degree.
Read more about the Forum here: https://forumfed.org/about/

Browse the Forum Library and Database here: https://forumfed.org/publications/

If you have any questions about the Forum or this process please email: forum@forumfed.org

*Once received, your information will be included in our initial applicant database (which stays internal—never sold or given out to third parties). Forum will review and decide on their sole discretion who to contact and when for potential interviews based on qualifications and need.

Current Openings


Summative Evaluation and Impact Assessment


An independent assessment of the results and impacts of the “Empowering Women for Leadership Roles in the MENA Region: Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia” project is being commissioned to assess progress and verify if the project has achieved its intended results. The Forum is seeking to hire an evaluator consultant to conduct this exercise.

For potential bidders of the Mena Women’s Leadership Project Summative Evaluation and Impact Assessment RFP advertised on our website, a bidders Questions and Answers session will be organized on 22nd August 2023 at 10 am EST via zoom.  

Please can candidates wishing to participate in the Q&A session communicate an email address to Wasifa Farin at farin@forumfed.org who will set up the zoom invite. (Deadline has been extended to September 2)

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Request for Proposal: Climate Governance Specialists for Case Study Production and Awareness Raising Sessions

The Forum of Federations is seeking proposals from qualified climate governance specialists to support our ongoing project ‘Support to Youth in Provincial and Local Governance (SYPLG)’ in Pakistan to produce case studies and support awareness raising sessions as part of the project.


We invite proposals from individuals with expertise in climate governance, policy analysis, and community engagement. The selected consultant(s) will be responsible for:

  • Prepare a Policy brief/Case study on local governance and climate action (case study should depict policy implementation on climate action at the local level.
  • Provide a description on the case studies multilevel level
  • Provide a description of the intergovernmental story that took place in the case
  • Provide a description of the actor involved in achieving the climate action case
  • Provide a description of the financial and funding cycle relevant to the local government case
  • Provide a description of entry points for citizens, CSO and youth to advocate for climate action at the local level.
  • Lead virtual training and awareness raising on the case NB:
  • Please review the concept note for additional information.
  • There may be an option for travel to Pakistan for training and awareness raising in Islamabad July or August 2024


Requirements: Interested consultants should meet the following criteria:

  • The expert should have 10 years’ experience working in multilevel systems and or climate governance, as a lecturer or practitioner.

Proposal Submission: Interested candidates are invited to submit their proposals by February 2024, including:

  • A detailed description of relevant experience and
  • Proposed methodology for conducting research, producing case studies, and facilitating awareness sessions.
  • A timeline outlining
  • Budget breakdown, including consultancy fees and any additional
  • Detailed Contact

Please submit your proposals electronically to Phillip Gonzalez at gonzalez@forumfed.org with the subject line “Proposal: Climate Governance Specialist for SYPLG, Pakistan.”


  • Proposal Submission Deadline: May 31, 2024
  • Evaluation of Proposals: June 6, 2024
  • Contract Award: June 8, 2024
  • Project Duration: June- August 31, 2024

Thank you for your interest in supporting our efforts to promote climate governance and building resilient communities.

Note: The Forum of Federations reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received, and to negotiate terms with the selected specialist(s). We encourage applicants to contact us with any questions or clarifications regarding the proposal process.

Contact Information:
For inquires and further information, please contact: Forum of Federations

Phillip Gonzalez
Senior Director Indo Pacific

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