Development Assistance Programs

Current Programs

DAP encompass a wide range of activities related to strengthening inclusive societies, gender equality, peace, and responsive and effective governance through supporting federalization, decentralization, and devolution processes in transitioning states. These programs focus on building capacity in multilevel governance among stakeholders. The Forumโ€™s key fields of competence in providing development assistance expertise include:

  • Development and implementation of multilevel governance structures/arrangements
  • Constitutional interpretation and adjudication at federal and regional levels
  • Strengthening sector-specific multilevel governance
  • Strengthening systems of Intergovernmental Relations
  • Developing and increasing intellectual capital on multilevel governance
  • Womenโ€™s participation and leadership in multilevel governance
  • Inclusive multi-stakeholder policy development
  • Increasing stakeholder understanding and awareness of multilevel governance structures/processes/procedures, and building their capacity to participate in federal, decentralized, and devolved models.