Empowering Women for Leadership Roles in the MENA Region

Man being presented award as others look on

As part of the Canadian Government-funded (GAC) MENA project “Empowering Women for Leadership Roles in the MENA Region”, the Forum of Federations through their local Jordanian partner AlHayat- Rased and with the help of Balqa Applied University, conducted an initiative called “Legal Literacy.”
Under the guidance of the President of Balqa Applied University, Dr. Abdullah Zu’bi, with the help of Vice President Dr. Saad Abu Qdees and Ms. Abla Abu Elbeh (former deputy in the Jordanian Parliament), provided training to future women leaders on election and decentralization law.
This event also raised awareness and encouraged young people participate in the Jordanian political process.
Students were engaged and had opportunities to ask questions and dig deeper into these important topics.
This event was the final activity of AlHayat- Rased’s 8 initiatives program which targeted future women leaders in governorate’s Balqa, Karak, Madaba and Taifeleh.
Photos from the event
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