FOF Annual Report-2020-2021

This past year offered unique challenges for the Forum and
its staff. The organization had to adapt rapidly amid a global
pandemic. As the outbreak evolved, the Forum carefully
protected the health and safety of staff and stakeholders
while meeting its obligations to deliver on commitments
to partners. We are pleased to report that the organization
was able to maintain a very active programming schedule
during 2020-21, while developing new modes for program
delivery and new products and ensuring the wellbeing of
our staff. Staff transitioned to working remotely, and our
Board and Strategic Council and other meetings moved
to a virtual format. The COVID-19 pandemic provided the
Forum with an opportunity to develop a range of new
digital products including podcasts, webinars and blogs,
while also validating the value of virtual and blended
learning events and enabling the organization to reflect
on new thematic areas for programming.

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