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Agenda of the International Conference on Federalism at Mont-Tremblant

BACKGROUND PAPER International Conference on Federalism Mont-Tremblant, October 1999 BACKGROUND PAPER International Conference on Federalism CONFERENCE PROGRAMME 5 to 8 October 1999 Tuesday, 5 October 1999 Evening: Registration and cocktails Wednesday, 6 October 1999 8:30 – 10:00 Session 1) OPENING PLENARY Welcoming Remarks by Conference Co-Chairs: Bob Rae and Henning Voscherau The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada Ernesto Zedillo, President of the United States of Mexico Announcements 10:00 – 10:30 coffee break 10:30-11:45 Session 2A) CSD Theme Plenary Social Diversity and Federalism Chair: Gilles Duceppe (Canada) Leader of the Bloc Québécois Party Speakers: Jeevan Reddy (India) Chairman, Law Commission of India Ghislain Picard (Canada) Regional Chief (Quebec and Labrador) of the Assembly of First Nations Alex I. Ekwueme (Nigeria) Former Vice-President of Nigeria Discussion Leader: Will Kymlicka (Canada) Professor, Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University Session 2B) EFF Theme Plenary New Economic and Fiscal Federalism Chair: Preston Manning (Canada) Leader of the Reform Party Speakers: Murphy Morobe (S. Africa) Head of the Financial and Fiscal Commission Pedro Parente (Brazil) Chief of Staff, President’s Office Paul Martin (Canada) Federal Minister of Finance Discussion Leader: Richard Bird (Canada) Consultant, World Bank Institute 13:45-15:00 Session 3A) IGR Theme Plenary The Challenges of Intergovernmental Relations Chair: Joe Clark (Canada) Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party Speakers: Joseph Facal (Canada) Québec Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Arnold Koller (Switzerland) Former President of the Swiss Confederacy and Head of the Department of Justice and Police Tommy Thompson (USA) Governor of Wisconsin Stéphane Dion (Canada) Federal Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Discussion Leader: Cheryl Saunders Director of the Centre for Comparative (Australia) Constitutional Studies, University of Melbourne Session 3B) SPF Theme Plenary: Federalism and the Welfare State Chair: Alexa McDonough Leader of the New Democratic Party (Canada) Presenter: Robert Reich (USA) Former Secretary of State for Labor; presently at M.I.T. Discussion Leaders: Frances Lund (S. Africa) Research Professor, University of Natal Michael Mendelson Senior Scholar, Caledon Institute of Social Policy (Canada) 15:30-17:30 Session 4A) CSD Roundtable Models of Federal Power Sharing Session Leaders: Jos Chabert (Belgium) Vice-President and Minister for Public works, transport and health policy of the Government of Brussels Capital Region; first Vice-President of the Committee of Regions (EU) Ramazan Abdulatipov Federal Minister (Special Advisor for Nationalities (Russia) Affairs) Session 4B) CSD Roundtable Models of Federal Citizenship Rights Session Leaders: Jean-Claude Thébault Director of the Forward Studies Unit, European (European Union) Commission Ed Broadbent (Canada) Visiting fellow, Department of Political Studies, Queen’s University Session 4C) EFF Roundtable Economic Policy Making: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Federal Model Session Leader: Anwar Shah Public Sector Institutional Reform Coordinator, Operations Evaluation Department, the World Bank Session 4D) EFF Roundtable Taxing Choices Session Leader: Hafiz A. Pasha Managing Director, Social Policy and Development (Pakistan) Center Session 4E) IGR Roundtables (2) Structures of Intergovernmental Institutions Session Leaders: a) Uwe Leonardy (Germany) Former Head of Constitutional Division, Lower Saxon Mission to the Federation b) Allan Blakeney (Canada) Professor of Law, University of Saskatchewan; former Premier of Saskatchewan Session 4F) IGR Roundtables (2) Mechanisms for Intergovernmental Relations Session Leaders: a) A.W. Kazi (Pakistan) Secretary to the Cabinet b) Roger Wilkins (Australia) Director General, New South Wales Cabinet Office c) André Baltensperger Secretary of the Conference of Governments of the (Switzerland) Cantons (CGC) Session 4G) SPF Panel Responsibility, Accountability, and Finance Speakers: Alain Noël (Canada) Professor, Department of Political Science, Université de Montréal Christine Charles (Australia) Chief Executive, Department of Human Services, South Australia Mian Imran Masood Chairman, Chief Minister’s Taskforce for Education, (Pakistan) Punjab, Pakistan Discussion Leader: Charles Pascal (Canada) Executive Director of the Atkinson Foundation 18:00 – 19:30 RECEPTION Assembly of First Nations of Canada: Billy Two Rivers and Ghislain Picard 20:00 BANQUET Lucien Bouchard, Premier of Quebec Jean-Luc Dehaene, Senator and former Prime Minister of Belgium Thursday, 7 October 1999 8:30 – 10:30 Session 5) PLENARY Discussion Panel: New Directions in Federalism Chair: Rui de Britto Alvares Director, Economy and Public Sector, Foundation for the Affonso (Brazil) Development of Public Administration (FUNDAP) Panelists: Gamini Laksman Peiris Minister of Justice (Sri Lanka) Wole Soyinka (Nigeria) Writer; Laureate, Nobel Prize for Literature (1986) George Reid Deputy Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament (United Kingdom) 10:30 – 11:00 coffee break 11:00-12:30 Session 6A) CSD Roundtable Immigration and Migration Session Leaders: Guy Laforest (Canada) Professor, Department of Political Science, Université Laval Urs Ziswiler (Switzerland) Ambassador to Canada Session 6B) CSD Roundtable “National Groups” Session Leaders: Brigitte Grouwels (Belgium) Member of the Flemish Parliament and of the Council of the Brussels Capital Region; former Minister of the Flemish community affairs for Brussels Charles Taylor (Canada) Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, McGill University Session 6C) EFF Roundtable Burden Sharing or Dividing the Spoils Session Leader: Kurt Stalder (Switzerland) Director of the Central Secretariat, Swiss Conference of the Cantons of Ministers of Finance Session 6D) EFF Roundtable Globalization and the Decline of the Nation State Session Leader: Felix Peña (Argentina) Sub-Secretary, Federal Ministry of External Commerce Session 6E) IGR Roundtables (2) Dispute Resolution Session Leaders: a) Norman Sterling (Canada) Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Government of Ontario b) Kamal Uddin Azfar Barrister-at-law (Pakistan) c) Wolf Okresek (Austria) Director General, Constitutional Law Division, Federal Chancellery Session 6F) IGR Roundtable Indigenous Peoples: Self Government and Intergovernmental Relations Session Leaders: Pat Turner (Australia) Former Executive Director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC); Chair of Australian Studies, Georgetown University John Amagoalik (Canada) Former Chief Commissioner, Nunavut Implementation Commission Session 6G) IGR Roundtable The Role of the Private Sector in Intergovernmental Relations Session Leaders: Judy Tyers (Australia) Business Council of Australia Session 6H) SPF Roundtable Reconciling Equity and Decentralization: Health Session Leaders: Melba Pria Olavarrieta Director General Instituto Nacional Indigenista (Mexico) Beatrice Olabimpe Aboyade Senior Associate and Board Member at the Development (Nigeria) Policy Research Huguette Labelle (Canada) President, CIDA Session 6I) SPF Roundtable Reconciling Equity and Decentralization: Education Session Leaders: Cecilia Braslavsky Researcher, CONICET/FLASCO (Argentina) Benjamin Levin (Canada) Dean, Continuing Education and Professor University of Manitoba Jonathan Jansen Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, University of (S. Africa) Durban Westville Session 6J) SPF Roundtable Reconciling Equity and Decentralization: Income Security Session Leaders: Peter Whiteford (Australia) Senior civil servant, department of Family and Community Services Jim McCormick (Scotland) Expert in Income Security, Scottish Council Foundation Leila Patel (S. Africa) Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of the Witwatersrand 14:00-15:20 Session 7A) CSD Roundtable Regional Diversity Session Leaders: Popo S. Molefe (S. Africa) Premier of North-West province Osvaldo Alvarez Guerrero Former Governor of the Province of Rio Negro; (Argentina) President of the Arturo Illia Foundation for Democracy and Peace Session 7B) CSD Roundtable Religious Diversity Session Leaders: Moshe Ma’oz (Israel) Professor, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew University Asghar Ali Engineer (India) President, Centre for Study of Society and Secularism Session 7C) IGR Roundtable Local Government / International Cities Session Leader: Ricardo Pascoe Pierce District Mayor in Benito, Juarez (Mexico) Session 7D) IGR Roundtable The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Intergovernmental Relations Session Leader: Adetoun Ilumoka (Nigeria) Executive Director, Empowerment and Action Research Centre 14:00 -17:00 Session 7E) EFF Roundtable Coping with Multi-Level Government: The View from the Private Sector Session Leaders: Amaresh Bagchi (India) Member of the Finance Commission, former director of the National Finance and Public Policy Institute Marcel Côté (Canada) Partner, SECOR Session 7F) EFF Roundtable Regional Economic Development: Building Partnerships or Transfer Dependencies? Session Leaders: Pedro Parente (Brasil) Chief of Staff, President’s Office Anwar Shah Public Sector Institutional Reform Coordinator, Operations Evaluation Department, the World Bank Session 7G) IGR Roundtable (3) Internationalization, Globalization and Federal Systems Session Leaders: a) Melantonio Cesario (Brazil) Director of the Advisory Office on Federal Relations, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations b) Michael Keating (Australia) Professor; former Head of the Prime Minister’s Department c) Gérald Beaudoin (Canada) Senator Session 7H) SPF Roundtable Emerging Challenges and Opportunities: Technology Session Leaders: Michael Mendelson (Canada) Senior Scholar, Caledon Institute of Social Policy Rinalia Rahim (Malaysia) Lead Person, Governance, the Global Knowledge II Conference Michael Steiner (Austria) Director, Joanneum Research Institute in Graz Michael Connolly (Canada) Chief Information Officer, Government of Ontario Session 7I) SPF Roundtable Emerging Challenges and Opportunities: the Global Market / External Pressures Chair: Arturo Alavarado (Mexico) Professor and Researcher, Centre for Sociological Studies Session Leaders: Julie Delahanty (Canada) Researcher, Gender and Equality, North-South Institute Palagummi Sainath (India) Journalist and Author David Sogge (Netherlands) Fellow, Transnational Institute, Amsterdam 15:40 – 17:00 Session 7K) CSD Roundtable Indigenous Peoples Session Leaders: Joseph Gosnell (Canada) President, Nisga’a Tribal Council José del Val Blanco President, Inter-American Indian Institute (Mexico) Session 7L) CSD Roundtable Linguistic Diversity Session Leaders: Hans Peter Furrer Director of Political Affairs, Council of Europe (Council of Europe) L.M. Singhvi (India) Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India; Member of the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) Session 7M) IGR Roundtables (2) Adaptability and Change in Federations Session Leaders: a) Gil Rémillard (Canada) Lawyer, Byers and Casgrain; former Quebec Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs; former Quebec Minister of Justice; Professor at the École nationale d’administration publique (ÉNAP) b) Franklin Dehousse (Belgium) Professor Université de Liège; Special representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs c) Carole Hillard (USA) Lieutenant-Governor of South Dakota 17:30-19:15 Session 8) YOUTH DISCUSSION SESSION Co-Chairs: Vivien Chan (Canada) Youth Programme Coordinator, Forum of Federations Thomas Schmidt Member of the Young Swiss People’s Party (Switzerland) Speaker: Jonathan Rose (Canada) Professor of Political Studies, Queen’s University Friday, 8 October 1999 9:00 – 12:00 Session 9) PLENARY Co-Chairs: Bob Rae and Henning Voscherau Theme Reports Rapporteur CSD: Michel Rosenfeld (USA) Professor of Law, Cardozo School of Law; President, International Association of Constitutional Law Rapporteur EFF: Richard Bird (Canada) Consultant, World Bank Institute Rapporteur IGR: Gary Sturgess (Australia) Independent consultant; former Cabinet Secretary and Director General of the Cabinet Office in New South Wales Rapporteur SPF: Nicholas Timmins Public Policy Editor, Financial Times (England) Youth report Rapporteur: Marie-France Pelletier Policy advisor to the Premier of New Brunswick (Canada) coffee break Introduction of the Speaker: Jean Charest Leader of the Official Opposition, National Assembly of Québec; Leader of the Liberal Party of Québec “Governance in the Digital Economy” Don Tapscott (Canada) Chair, Alliance for Converging Technologies; author 12:00 – 13:00 LUNCH (Conference Area has to be vacated for security reasons) Introduction: The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, Prime Minister of Canada 14:00 CLOSING ADDRESS: US President William Jefferson Clinton Announcements – Adjournment Forum of Federations / Forum des fédérations