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Conference on Cooperative Federalism; Globalization; and Democracy: Summary

Conference on Cooperative Federalism, Globalization, and Democracy Brasilia, Brazil. 9-11 May 2000 SUMMARY The Forum of Federations Sponsors Important Conference on Federalism Jointly with Brazilian Government The Forum of Federations, based in Ottawa, co-sponsored the first “Conference on Co-operative Federalism, Democracy and Globalization”, a conference that took place in the Brazilian capital Brasilia the 9th, 10th and 11th of May, 2000. The Forum is an organization devoted to creating an international network on federalism. Its President is Ralph Lysyshyn, who is participating in the Brasilia conference. The Forum was set up in 1998 with support form the Canadian government. It sponsored the International Conference on Federalism in an Era of Globalization that was held in Mont-Tremblant in October of 1999. The Forum now has an international board of directors with members from Germany, India, Brazil, and Nigeria in addition to Canada. The Chair is Bob Rae. The Brasilia event was the first of a series in which the Forum was involved in the summer of 2000. Among the non-Brazilian participants in the conference who took part at the Forum’s instigation were: Ian Peach, special advisor to the Government of Saskatchewan; Earl Fry, Professor of Political Science at Brigham Young University; Thomas Hueglin of the political science department at Wilfrid Laurier University, Anwar Shah of the World Bank, and Carole Hillard, the Lieutenant Governor of South Dakota. For more information contact: Karl Nerenberg, Director of Communications, Forum of Federations 613-244-3360, ext 203 email: The Forum’s web address is: