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Constitutional Dynamics in Federal Systems: Sub-national Perspectives

Constitutional Dynamics in Federal Systems: Sub-national Perspectives

This volume looks at the complex interplay between national constitutions and constitutional processes at the sub-national level in twelve countries drawn from Europe and North America. It is quite a unique publication, since it approaches the study of federal constitutions from the perspective of sub-national units, whereas other studies approach the topic with a top-down view of the problems of federalism and constitutions. The chapters systematically deal with issues such as what counts as a constitution at the sub-national level and with how such constitutions differ from federal constitutions and from each other; and they evaluate the extent to which sub-national entities have developed constitutions within the constitutional space allowed by national constitutions. The findings of this volume are very relevant in many post-conflict countries where there is a real demand for comparative knowledge not just on how to develop sub-national constitutions but also approaches to delineating and managing boundaries between national and sub-national constitutions.

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