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Forum of Federations co-launches book on Austria’s constitutional revision


Forum of Federations co-launches book on Austria’s constitutional revision

The book is titled Können Verfassungsreformen gelingen, ‘Can Constitutional Reform Succeed?’ It was co-edited by Peter Bussjager, the Director of the Institute for Federalism in Innsbruck, and Felix Knuepling, the Director of European programs at the Forum of Federations.

The book was launched in the Austrian Parliament on Feb. 19, 2008.

The 200-page volume contains papers presented at a Sept. 19’20, 2007 conference held in Vienna to provide a forum for Austrian legislators to exchange ideas and experiences and to generate discussion on possible ways of bringing about state reform in Austria.

Papers at the September 2007 event were given by Luis Durnwalder, head of Italy’s autonomous region of South-Tyrol; Arnold Koller, the former President of Switzerland; and Jürgen Weiss, the Vice-President of Austria’s Federal Council.

Other papers were presented by numerous international and Austrian constitutional experts.

According to one media review of the book, ‘a common thread winds its way through all the presentations, as described in the preface of the book: only when a consensus is reached on relevant political strengths and between the different decision-making levels, for example, between the federal government and the provinces, only then is it possible to succeed.’