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Health Policy in Europe

The Impact Of Political Devolution on Health Policy – A Perspective from Scotland Political Devolution and Health:Information Sources Constitutional change in the UK Powers and Funding Expectations of Political Devolution New Labour Policy 1997 –1999 YEAR 1: Changing the Making of Policy Partnership Scrutiny Inter-Government Relations Year 2: Changing Policy Direction Year 2: Distinctive Policy Directions The Scottish Health Plan Distinctive Policy Directions The Future Change Factors Health Policy Since Devolution: Summary The Impact Of Political Devolution on Health Policy –A Perspective from ScotlandKevin WoodsUniversity of GlasgowThe Forum of Federations‘Health Policy and Federalism’Brazil and MexicoOctober 2001Forum of Federations / Forum desfédé forum@forumfed.orgPolitical Devolution and Health:Information SourcesThe Nuffield Project and the ConstitutionUnit change in the UKPolitical Devolution–Asymmetric: differences between Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland–Regional government in England?European Convention on Human RightsHouse of LordsPowers and FundingEverything devolved unless specifically reserved to the UK ParliamentVery few health issues reservedFunding devolved administrations–The Barnett Formula–Tax varying powersExpectations of Political DevolutionRapid resultsInnovation at the peripheryA new style of politicsNew Labour Policy 1997 –1999Public healthPartnershipIntegrationFairnessResponsivenessQualityYEAR 1: Changing the Making of PolicyPartnershipScrutinyInter-government relations PartnershipPartnership with a purposeJoined-up GovernmentVariations on a themeScrutinyThe impact of ParliamentThe Health and Community Care CommitteeThe Petitions CommitteeInter-Government RelationsMemorandum of Understanding and ConcordatsJoint Ministerial Committees‘In bed with an elephant’Year 2: Changing Policy DirectionThe Health PlansGovernanceLong term care of the elderlyPrescription chargesPublic -Private PartnershipsYear 2: Distinctive Policy DirectionsIn Scotland*Public Health*Governance of NHS:The Scottish Health Plan*Long term care of the elderlyThe Scottish Health Plan‘Our National Health: A plan for action, A plan for change’The governance of NHSScotlandPartnership or centralisation?The place of primary care?Distinctive Policy Directions*In England.Governance of the NHS …decentralisation?Public –private partnerships*In WalesGovernance of the NHSPrescription charges*In Northern Ireland …plans on hold*Innovation in the Core?The FutureA National Health Service or national health services?Change FactorsMore constitutional reformPolitical alignmentThe identity of the NHSThe European UnionResourcesHealth Policy Since Devolution: SummaryA period of extraordinary change but can we see and feel a difference?The power of inertia –‘the NHS is constantly preparing for change, but nothing changes’Is the ‘tanker’ turning?The need for learning