Decentralisation and Subsidiarity: Concepts and frameworks for emerging economies Number 15

Roberta Ryan

Associate Professor Roberta Ryan from the University of Technology Sydney, Director of the UTS Centre for Local Government is a leading policy, evaluation and stakeholder engagement practitioner and researcher with over 30 years’ experience in local government across Australia and internationally. Her expertise in intergovernmental relations has been developed through working with governments and communities mostly in Asia and the Pacific in supporting improved governance, strategic planning, service planning and delivery.

Roberta has designed and undertaken a range of complex government and non-government policy advisory and applied policy projects. She is well known for developing new approaches to the application of research to policy, service and governance implementation and reviews, evaluation, community engagement, stakeholder management, sustainability, social and strategic planning.

Ronald Woods

Ronald Woods is a Research Officer at the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG). He has 30 years Australian and international experience in social policy and the human services, and has practised as a social worker, academic and social policy consultant in Australia, South Africa and Hungary. He research and publication focus is on a broad spectrum of topics in the humanities and social sciences.