Empowering women for leadership roles in the MENA region (Year 5)

As part of its mission to strengthen inclusive and responsive governance, the Forum has been leading a program entitled “Empowering women for leadership roles in the MENA region: Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia” since 2017 to promote women’s access to and participation in decision making. The program’s strategic approach is based on four underlying principles: • Provision of leadership skills training to enhance the leadership capacities of women and increase their confidence to assume leadership roles; • Facilitation of networking between the targeted female stakeholders and established women leaders to enable knowledge transfer and experience sharing on transformational leadership, governance, and policies; • Development and dissemination of materials to foster increased awareness on women’s leadership and empowerment amongst the citizenry of the target countries; • Enhancing the capacity of local organizations and actors to train and impart knowledge in women’s leadership and empowerment to fellow citizens. Watch highlights of the project’s result from this year!